Provence Touch: invite Provence into your living room

What better way to chase away the winter blues than bringing a touch of Provence to the heart of your home and into a particularly special place within it: your living room. Take a look at these fantastic decorating ideas for bringing the South of France into your home!
By Mélissa Darré

Enhance your plants

Aromatic, leafy or flowering houseplants brighten up a room while improving air quality. The living room is an important place in any home and offers numerous possibilities for displaying a bouquet of lavender, a pot of lemon verbena or even an olive tree.

Fantastic decorating ideas: to transform your living room into a cosy haven, add a pretty touch to your flowers and plants using typical objects from day-to-day life in Provence. The must-have jam jar and wicker basket can be transformed into quaint flower pots. For a more original touch, be bold and go for fashionable hanging plants. Hang these vases on hooks or with string to bring a splash of greenery directly to your walls. Want to create your own vertical garden? Nothing could be simpler - simply use a wooden pallet as a stand!

Sublimer vos plantes
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Opt for natural raw materials

Invite a little Mediterranean style into your living room, with furniture or objects made from natural materials. Wood, rattan or wicker are safe bets to bring a natural touch that is at once modern and cosy to this room where everyone gets together.

Fantastic decorating ideas: for a blend of style and authenticity, opt for a coffee, console or side table made from oak or cypress. Wood comes in thousands of shades and fits perfectly in any interior. Why not also have a go at upcycling, giving everyday objects a new lease of life. A crate found in a Provençal market can be turned into a stylish shelf, while an old ladder from a flea market makes a trendy magazine holder.

Préférez les matières brutes
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Invite Provençal landscapes into your home

No need to look too far afield to find a little something that will make such a difference to your living room. From pine forests and vineyards to turquoise coves, Provence is full of sublime natural landscapes that can inspire DIY decorating ideas.

Fantastic decorating ideas: add little touches of Provençal style to your living room by creating pretty displays of objects found during outdoor walks. Sand, stones, pebbles, twigs... can be arranged in a candle holder, on a saucer or under a bell jar. Why not also delve into photography, with a subtle collage of iconic landscapes of the South of France. Don't be afraid to think big: wallpapers featuring plant motifs or trompe l'oeil paintings. You can achieve the full effect if you want to.

Invitez les paysages provençaux
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