Corporate social responsibility

  From the very beginning, L'OCCITANE has been a socially responsible company. The meaning and purpose of the brand are based on strong values: respect for both man and the environment, with an emphasis on exchange and sharing.   In 1989, beyond the Mediterranean, L'OCCITANE initiated a sustainable development program in Burkina Faso around the production of Shea butter.   In 1997, it introduced Braille labeling on its packaging for the first time. And in 2006, it created the first large-scale organic immortelle plantation in Corsica, to protect the integrity of the Corsican maquis.   Since 2006, the L’OCCITANE Foundation has enabled us to go even further. It supports three causes in particular: - Ones that are dear to the brand and its history: literacy and support for women in developing countries, - The fight against blindness and assistance for the visually impaired, - And finally, the preservation of threatened traditional cultivations.

In our Stores

  From the very beginning, the materials used in our stores have reflected our authenticity. ...

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In our factories

  This is what you already know:   We have been sorting waste in our workshops since...

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For our Transportation Means

  We now have a very widespread distribution network, with over 1,000 stores in over 70 count...

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With our Employees

  A responsible company has "rights and duties" with regard to its employees: The right to...

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With Disabled Employees

  In 2008, nine people with poor employment prospects were recruited with a 1-year con...

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