Corporate Values


Behind any good product, there is always a true story.

Behind every L’OCCITANE bottle is a traceable origin and land, producers with exacting standards, and techniques inherited from the traditions of Provence – or elsewhere.

To find the ingredients that will go into its formulas, L'OCCITANE looks to nature, exploring the principles of phytotherapy (treatment through plants) and aromatherapy (treatment through essential oils).





 Our effective beauty products bring together tradition, nature and research:

• patented complexes of natural active ingredients, tested under dermatological and medical supervision .

• focus on pleasure: from its texture to its fragrance, always a delicious moment of well-being and sensory delight.

• warm and welcoming shops, from interior design to scents and colors.

• to prolong this journey and further delight the senses, L’OCCITANE has developed spas that reflect the soul of the brand, and associates with exclusive hotel partners to continue this new successful chapter of its true story.





At L’OCCITANE, we are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our actions whenever possible:

• an energy-saving plan in our factories and offices, new transportation methods, such as combined rail, sea and road transport.

• eco-conception of our packaging to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

• optimization of the recyclability of our packaging by using the appropriate materials.

• eco-refills, which allowed us to save up to 80% of plastic waste

• paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests, certified bleached without the use of chlorine.