We now have a very widespread distribution network, with over 1,000 stores in over 70 countries. For many years, for both economic and ecological reasons, we have kept our use of air transport to a minimum.


Our most recent actions:


In 2008, we decided that, when choosing our logistics suppliers, we would take into account their Sustainable Development policy, IN ADDITION TO our usual criteria.


In 2009, we started with:

  • Developing Intermodal transport, with combined rail and road transport to supply our stores in Paris, but also in the North of France, Belgium and United Kingdom.
  • Reducing the use of air transport and saving about 4000 CO2 equivalent tons.


What are the perspectives?


  • More full boxes = fewer packing materials = better utilization of transport = less CO2 emissions: QED.
  • To develop reusable logistic containers, as plastic boxes.
  • Use electric vehicles to deliver our stores in the city centers.