This is what you already know:


  • We have been sorting waste in our workshops since 2002, while also striving to minimize landfill waste.
  • We have an electric car for journeys between the two sites at Manosque: the factory and the European logistics platform.
  • Our office furniture is 98% recyclable.


Our most recent actions:


2008 was the year in which we began the campaign to save energy:

  • Raising awareness among employees.
  • Energy-efficient equipment and monthly indicators: installation of energy-saving motion detectors and electrical equipment, and monthly records of gas, electricity and water consumption. - Renewable energy has come to the factory store, with the first solar panels at L'OCCITANE, to help power the water heater.


2008 was also the year in which we focused on better waste management:

  • Raising awareness among employees.
  • More waste sorting in workshops.
  • A search for more ecological packaging materials: instead of foam, which we had the habit of using, there are greener solutions such as crinkled paper. We are already using this for our Internet orders.


2009 was the year in which we built a new eco-conceived factory extension:

  • A solar boiler provides all the toilets with warm water.
  • The electricity produced by the photovoltaic solar panels can cover a 70% of the building consumption.
  • An autonomous system, which detects the presence of persons, switches on the low energy light bulbs and adapts the lighting intensity considering the natural luminosity.


What are the perspectives?


  • Water is also a precious resource, and we must look into ways of using it sparingly in the factory, such as when cleaning machinery.
  • Several studies are underway to find ways to save energy on the site (energy balance, insulation, outside lighting, etc. ).