In 2008, nine people with poor employment prospects were recruited with a 1-year contract in the production workshops, to be trained as packaging operators. All of these people received their AFPA diploma in December 2008.


Finally, L’OCCITANE has always been committed to employing disabled workers. To make it easier for those who are registered disabled to work within the company, their workstations have been (or are being) adapted to meet their needs, and management allows five extra half days of leave for specialist consultations for those concerned.


What are the perspectives?


  • Our disabled employee policy is extended today through, for example, an increase in subcontracting work to ESATs (occupational day centers), which give work to people with severe disabilities.
  • And finally, because sustainable development involves future generations, L’OCCITANE has joined forces with the town hall of Manosque to open a day care center in September 2009, where 10 places will be reserved for L'OCCITANE babies!