A responsible company has "rights and duties" with regard to its employees:

  • The right to ask them to commit to the company's Sustainable Development approach: this is the case when we ask people, whenever possible, to use double-sided printing.
  • The duty to contribute to the professional development of as many people as possible: this is why staff meetings are held every three months, and the first employee-satisfaction survey was developed for Manosque/Paris and Geneva in 2006.


Our most recent actions:


In 2008, we asked people working at the head office to go green!

  • We now use recycled paper in our office, and 50% of our office stationery is labeled "green".
  • Waste is sorted throughout the company, in offices and break rooms. - Disposable plastic cups are a thing of the past: long live mugs, glasses and anything else reusable that you can drink from!


In 2009, we tried to make the working atmosphere better:

  • We organized gymnastic courses twice a week in Manosque, and Yoga sessions in Paris.
  • An itinerant market is now available at the Manosque factory, proposing organic products.
  • We attended the opening of an inter-firms nursery which welcomes 10 children of the L'OCCITANE staff.


What encouraged us to promote carpooling at the Manosque site and to set up a company transportation system for some of the factory employees?


To work at the head office in Manosque, which is located in an industrial zone, each employee has to drive to work – which is hard on the budget, and on the planet!

This is an example of an initiative that reconciles our social and environmental concerns. In terms of employee transport, we also revised the company car guidelines to focus on more ecological vehicles and encourage greener driving practices.